About Us

CleanerUs is the leading cleaning service in Philadelpha, PA. We take pride in providing the best cleaning solutions for the fairest price possible, and treating all of our clients with the fairness and respect they deserve.

A Typical Workday for Us

Every day, our team works hard to provide a professional customer experience to all of our clients in Philadelpha, PA, delivering exceptional cleaning and customer service. Here's a look at how a typical day goes for us.


We start each morning by checking our equipment, making sure our routes are planned properly, and calling our customers to confirm. Simply put, we spend the first part of the day strategizing to deliver the best experience possible.


Throughout the day and the afternoon, we work with homeowners and business owners in Philadelpha, PA to deliver the services that they need. We work to clean, repair, and prevent damage while lengthening the lives and health of their home or business.


We take the afternoon spending time with our families while also reading about new techniques, researching new products and technologies in the field, and cleaning our equipment for the next day.


Core Beliefs

Our Values

We believe in using a family-oriented, customer-centric focus for every job. We treat our clients in Philadelpha, PA like family, with trustworthy solutions to any problem and fast, responsible, professional cleaning services.

Our Mission

At CleanerUs, our team strives to deliver the best cleaning service quality without compromising our integrity or our ability to provide those services without driving prices too high for our clients.

Our Vision for the Community

We want to bring our clients together and provide them the results they need, all while building a stronger sense of community and a feeling of pride and accomplishment that we can all share.

Our Passion

Our passion is simple - deliver the best cleaning services in Philadelpha, PA. We focus on delivering amazing cleaning results and on making our customers entirely satisfied with every project, giving them the cleaning solutions they deserve.


“Quality without compromise. It's our one guiding principle, and one that every member of our team strives to deliver on a consistent basis every day, on every job.”